Is there such thing as a good hard cookie?? Hell yes!!!

If you have had the cookies that I talked about in my last post (Subway or Chewy Chips Ahoy), then you have probably noticed that I really like soft cookies, especially chocolate chip cookies. As a matter of fact, if my only option for a sweet treat is a hard cookie, then I will most likely pass on it. I’m not sure why this is, a lot of cookie lovers that I know love soft and hard cookies just the same. Unfortunately, I was not built that way. Having said all of this, I will say that there is one brand of hard cookies that I absolutely love, and it is one of the only hard cookies that I will eat. It is none other than…..(anticipation building)….(wait for it)… Peggy Lawton’s Choco-Chip Chocolate Chip Cookies!!! My cousin, who now owns a roofing business in Connecticut (, introduced me to these delicious cookies when we were very young and to this day, they are one of my favorite cookies.

Is it just New Englanders??

Maybe my affinity for Choco-Chip cookies comes from my upbringing in New England, I’m not sure, but I’m willing to be that people everywhere would love these cookies if they had a chance to try them. The fact that these cookies have remained popular for over 60 years is a true testament to their deliciousness. To be honest, I don’t think I have every met a person that did not like these cookies. It seems to be a sweet that everyone enjoys.  If you have never tried them and you are not sure where to get them, I know that Amazon sells them.

The 3-Pack was Genius!!!

Whoever at Peggy Lawton’s decided to put these babies in a 3-pack was a genius. 1 or 2 may not be enough, and 4 might be too much, but 3?? 3 is the winning ticket!! Pure perfection!! Now, I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but I don’t think these cookies ever go bad. I’ve never looked for an expiration date, but I’ve also never had a stale Choco-Chip cookie either. So, you can grab a whole box of them without feeling pressured to eat them all in a week or two. However, if your house is anything like mine, there’s no way a box of those will make it through a week.

I hope everyone enjoyed this post, please come back tomorrow for some more cookie talk!!

Cookies in a Pinch!!

I know that some people don’t have the time or the inclination to make homemade cookies. Life can get very busy and hectic and baking from scratch is not the most time-efficient means for satisfying a sweet tooth. Even for those of us that opt for the pre-made cookie dough, the hassle of putting some cookie dough on a cookie sheet and waiting a few minutes can be too much to ask for at times. Luckily, there are some great store-made cookies that are available in just about every town with a shopping area.


Subway is well known both nationally and internationally as a healthy choice in the fast food industry. However, they are lesser known for the amazing cookies that they offer. Although, I do believe more and more people are catching wind of this. Their chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies are absolutely delicious. If you are ever in need of a quick fix for your sugar craving, look no further!! With over 44,000 restaurants in 112 countries (according to Wikipedia), chances are you are not that far away from a very satisfying treat. You won’t be disappointed!!

Chewy Chips Ahoy

When I was in college, I played sports and I was able to pretty much eat anything I wanted and not have a single concern about calories. Back then, one of my favorite go-to snacks was Chewy Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies. My secret “ingredient” to these tasty treats was to microwave them for a few seconds to warm them up and make them extra soft. It was not uncommon for me to polish off an entire sleeve or more in minutes!!! Today, I much more conscious about my caloric intake, so I won’t indulge in a whole sleeve anymore, but these are always a great snack if you’re pressed for time. Actually, they’re good even if you’re not pressed for time!! And the best part of all??? These babies are available just about everywhere!!

So, there you have it….two delicious brands of cookies that can be found just about anywhere. Enjoy!!

Cookie Pizza??

Sorry it’s been a few days since my last post, but I was down and out with a bad bug that’s been going around. I’m starting to feel better, so I plan on getting a few posts up by the end of the week.

In the meantime, check out this video I found on YouTube about a cookie pizza. That’s right….a cookie pizza.

Now, I love cookies and I love pizza, but I’m too sure about a cookie pizza. Regardless, this does seem like a fun cooking project to try out with the kids, so I figured some of the viewers may like this one. I hope you enjoy it.